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Immerse yourself in the festive season by visiting a mysterious café that only opens for 12 days each year. The handsome well-dressed butlers will stop at nothing to ensure that you have a good time.

Pick one and stick with them throughout the twelve days or mess around and see who you like best - the choice is yours! In this café, the 4th wall has been broken down completely - the protagonist is you. Flirt, tease, joke, or cry your way through the murky waters of friendship and love.


1. Why should I play Cafe Mysteria?

Cafe Mysteria is a unique one-of-a-kind experience, designed such that the butlers are speaking to you, not just a pre-designed protagonist on the screen. There are not currently many visual novels of this style, so even if just for curiosity's sake, you should check it out! 

2. How did Cafe Mysteria come about?

It is heavily inspired by the visual novel 'Aloners' by sonnet009 and their style of breaking the 4th wall. It started off as a simple Christmas visual novel to enjoy the festive mood and has gone through multiple revisions since 2015 to what it is today.

3. Do I have to understand Chinese to get the full experience?

No!! Knowing Chinese will change your experience in some ways, but ultimately in the final version it will not matter.

4. Are there minigames in Cafe Mysteria?

Yes. In the upcoming demo there will be four completed minigames. None of these will be mandatory in the final version though!

5. Are there any incentives for me to review Cafe Mysteria?

The first three people to comment on Cafe Mysteria on itch.io will be given a free copy of the visual novel upon release. Everyone else will get a free code for the bonus pack when available. Additionally, I may at my own discretion choose randomly from the reviewers to provide a little surprise in the future releases of Cafe Mysteria. (This will be awarded to past winners in the upcoming 2023 demo).

6. What will be part of the bonus pack?

It is still awhile from the final release date, but I expect to release additional side stories that flesh out the individual character backgrounds after the final version of Cafe Mysteria is released. Everyone who reviewed prior to the final release date with obtain a free code for the bonus pack.

7. What questions do you want me to answer?

I've listed some questions below. Feel free to address any (or none) of them in your review!

  • What are/were your expectations from Cafe Mysteria?
  • What is your experience with this type of visual novel?
  • Who is your favorite character? Why?
  • Would you play this on full release?
  • Did you find any glaring errors in the visual novel?
  • What did you think Cafe Mysteria did well? Why?
  • What did you think Cafe Mysteria did poorly? Why?
  • What do you think Cafe Mysteria can improve on?

8. Does Cafe Mysteria have a plot?
Definitely! You play as a female who has stumbled upon a mysterious Christmas cafe that is only open for 12 days a year. During these 12 days, you'll get to know the butlers, who each have their individual stories to tell and decide whether or not to pursue them. The demo itself is fairly light-hearted, while the final version will go into much more depth and include a story of how Cafe Mysteria came to be.

9. I find certain events to be triggering. Is Cafe Mysteria right for me?
Cafe Mysteria may not be suitable for very young children or people who are easily disturbed. However, there is an option to turn on content warning, where the visual novel warns you every time a potentially triggering scene appears. The demo itself is fairly light and shouldn't pose too much of an issue to most people.

10. How long is Cafe Mysteria?

This is the most up-to-date Lint report. Please note that the word count also includes scenes that are currently inaccessible and will only be accessible in the final version.

I would estimate that the upcoming demo will have approximately 1 hour worth of content, although this may be significantly more or less depending on how many of the menu choices you wish to explore.

11. When will the latest demo release?

The latest demo has been released on 24th December 2023.

- AsHLeX (Writer, Basic Programming, Dev)
mudora23 (Programmer)
kathaeris (UI)
vellaude (sprites)
Tsukkiusa (CG)
Hunyo (chibi)
Foxeleos (BG cafe)
Mila (BG street)
Bakjwi Namja (logo)

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
TagsAnime, Christmas, friendship, Multiple Endings, Otome, Romance
Average sessionA few seconds


cafe-mysteria-osx.zip 306 MB
Version 1.0 Dec 24, 2023
cafe-mysteria-win-linux.zip 312 MB
Version 1.0 Dec 24, 2023

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Deleted 82 days ago

Thank you so much for your feedback! Shin and Haru are very colourful characters, that's for sure 🤣

Hi! This game is so interesting. I like how it's very personal and the butlers are all welcoming but have a slightly off-putting undertone for one reason or other, I'm excited to see if there's a twist or something in the plot. I ended up using google translate for Zhang Tian's route and it might be good in the final game for non-speakers if there was an option where the English version would be available because it was so much more interesting once I knew what he was saying, unless there's a bigger reason I'm missing for the plot's sake. I really liked Haru and I think the protagonist is pretty funny with her out of pocket question options, pretty unexpected but entertaining. I also liked that there was an option to get the manager involved, it really helped it be more immersive. Super excited to see where this goes.


Thank you for the feedback!!

Don't worry, I can assure you that Google Translate will not be necessary in the release version of Cafe Mysteria for ZT's route. I'm quite impressed that you figured out the different ZT routes as a non-Chinese speaker - while it's possible still to romance ZT without knowing Chinese, it is much much harder due to communication difficulties, much like it would be in real life. Personally, ZT's route was really fun for me to write because of this.

I'm glad you liked Haru's choices! Fun fact: I did write Haru's route first pre-revamp and it had about a 100k word count for Haru's route alone, up to Day 3. It's since been cut down for standardisation and also because a lot of the options weren't too important, but even then I think it shows 😅.

The manager's an interesting character too, his scenes can be pretty unexpected at times :)

Congratulations on receiving a free copy of the VN on full release!!! 

I just started playing and it looks sooo good. Concept is great, arts are beautiful. I'm excited for more content. I really love the idea of choosing personality. About to play  even more.


Thank you for your support Rio :) And congrats on being the second winner of a free copy of the VN on release! I would love to hear your thoughts on the characters when you've been able to play a bit more

I am so happy to see that this game wasn't dropped !! I definitely enjoyed the mini game part of the new demo and was wondering if in the full game we would understand what Zhāng Tiān says (or would it be a forever mystery which I wouldn't mind XD  ?).

Overall I enjoyed the new demo and cannot wait for the full version as I'd love to learn more about each one of them, so good luck on working in this game !!

(1 edit)

Thanks for your support and your rating earlier this year!

Congratulations on being one of the winners for the giveway - you'll get a free copy of the full version on release. There's two more main prizes still available :)

Don't worry, you will eventually have a chance to learn what Zhang Tian's saying on full release (both in first playthrough and in repeat ones).

Thanks for the reply and for the free copy !!